Oh, The Places You’ll Intern (or Work)!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”


– Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


Growing up, I had my favorite Dr. Seuss book, Hop on Pop. It was not until graduate school that I was exposed to Oh, The Places You’ll Go! I was babysitting for a friend and her child grabbed it off the shelf and begged me to read it. As I read it, I found it inspiring in a cheesy way and wished that someone had read it to me as a child.

Now that I am all grown up (sort of) and working here in the CDO, I am pleasantly surprised every single day by the various goals and aspirations of our students. We have students who want to go into nursing, run art museums, manage teams, work for the federal government, start nonprofits, work out in the field doing scientific research and everything in between. Students want to travel all over the world for internships, volunteer work, and jobs.

My job is to help them achieve those goals.

Much like the quote above, SPEA is equipping you with the know-how (brains in your head) to DO the things you want. You have feet or some other means of transport, and you really can steer yourself any direction you choose. Only you will decide where you will go, even if at times it seems like the current is sweeping you away and you have no choice in the matter.

There is just one thing that Dr. Seuss got wrong (sorry, Doc). You are NOT on your own. Your SPEA community is behind you. You have teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues, and advisers all here to help you out. Do not forget that as the chaos of spring semester begins to whip up around you. You are in control.

If you start to feel lost or overwhelmed by your job or internship search, reach out. Our team is here to help you navigate the waters. To make an appointment, you can log into http://www.speacareers.com or call our office at 812-855-9639.

Once you do get a job or internship, drop by the SPEA atrium to place a pin on our map (see picture above!). We would love to see where all our SPEA students are going when school lets out.


Do Employers Know You Exist?

Searching for a job or internship? How should you start? What is the process? Unfortunately, sending out tons of resumes into virtual limbo is not an effective strategy – sorry!
For success in today’s competitive job market a seeker must demonstrate action, initiative, and resourcefulness. In other words, don’t wait for an employer to publicize a job opening (for which you will compete with dozens if not hundreds of other candidates). Instead, reach out before those jobs are posted and let employers know who you are and what you can do.
One of my favorite career websites, Student Branding Blog, has termed this strategy “direct employer outreach”. Their article Do Employers Know You Exist? has helpful suggestions for taking an action oriented approach and distinguishing yourself in the job search.
The SPEA Career Development Office is ready to help you design and implement your own effective job search strategy. Make an appointment soon!

Wrapping up Your Internship – good suggestions for leveraging your internship experience!

Wrapping Up Your Internship
by Ronisha Goodwin – Re-Posted from Student Branding Blog

With the arrival of August comes the final weeks of summer and for many students the final weeks of their internships. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the countdown of days remaining until you return home or are back on campus, here’s a few items for you to accomplish before wrapping up your internship.

Gather Contact Information
It is likely that you made valuable contacts during your experience; therefore you want to be sure to get the business cards of those individuals who you want to maintain relationships with before leaving your internship site. You should also invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. Making them part of your LinkedIn network is an easy way for you to stay in touch and updated on their future promotions or professional career moves.

Solicit Feedback
Before your last day, you want to ensure that you receive feedback on your performance. At Hyatt, each one of our interns receives a final evaluation that is reviewed with them before the conclusion of their internship. If the organization you interned with this summer does not have a formal evaluation process for interns, take the time to solicit informal feedback by scheduling time in advance with your direct manager or supervisor. Depending upon their availability, perhaps the two of you can meet for coffee or lunch.

You may want to let them know in advance the goal for your meeting. Perhaps when inviting them, say “Before the end of my internship, can we have coffee or lunch together? I value your opinion and would like to hear any feedback or advice you have for me on how effective I was this summer and how I can be even more successful during future internships.” This will allow your supervisor some time to gather their thoughts and suggestions in advance.

You may also want to consider preparing a few questions, no more than 5 total, that can help the conversation between the two of you be even more targeted. Be mindful that the questions are open-ended and are truly questions that you want answered. In other words, be sure to ask good questions!   Depending upon their feedback, you may also want to ask for a reference or recommendation letter or their permission to use them as a professional reference.

Discuss Next Steps
If you really enjoyed your internship and want to grow further with the organization, be sure to inquire about opportunities to do so. I’m a big believer that “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”, so if you want to intern with them again or perhaps come aboard permanently, make sure your desires are known. Do this by sharing your interests during a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor or circling back to your recruiter and asking about next steps if you want to stay or return to the organization.

Lastly, be sure to say thank you! Either via email or a handwritten thank you note (my favorite!), you want to take the time to extend your gratitude and perhaps share what you liked or enjoyed most about your internship experience. Industry is very small, so you want to leave your internship on a positive note and with the clarity that if you were to run into the individuals you worked with this summer that they would be happy to see you!

I’m Dying to Know! Don’t Forget to Submit Your Internship Summary Reports!


As I sit here dreaming of white sandy beaches and ice cold fruity beverages, I’m brought back to reality by the low huuummmm of my small desk fan and the sound of…wait, what is that? I don’t hear anything. That’s right. That silence is brought to you by the thousands of students who are not here right now. No one coming in to grab mints off the counter, no one dropping by to make appointments, and certainly no one calling to say hello to their favorite internship coordinator. Do you want to know why? Because summer internship season is in full-swing!

While you are all off on your adventures, many of you deep in the depths of your summer internships, I’m sitting here just waiting. Waiting to hear how it all went. Waiting for you tell me it was the best experience of your life, and that you are so glad SPEA has a mandatory internship requirement. Please put me out of my misery!

When your internship comes to an end, please make sure to submit a summary report. This form is a required part of your internship credit, and it is how you can let us know about your experience as an intern. Did you have an amazing time? Did you want to pull your hair out? Did you learn things you never thought you would? I want to know everything. So go for it. Keep in mind, your supervisor does not see the information that is submitted on that form. Everything is completely confidential. So go ahead, tell me everything. I’ve got to know!

Your faithful Internship Coordinator,


Finding Internships in Intl Development, CR and Related Fields

Hey all – Happy Monday afternoon!!!

Here is an excellent article that everyone should read no matter what field you are interested in:

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